About Dr.Milner

Dr. Bruce Jay Milner

Why Transcend Dental?
Of course there is an obvious play on words but beyond that is the real meaning. We have been conditioned to regard health practitioners as people who are greater than the people they treat. I have never subscribed to that thinking. We need to be accessible and compassionate. In my practice I feel I have a connection with everyone who entrusts their care to me.
At our office we elect to "transcend" the doctor ego and try to partner with our patients to assist their healing and well-being.

It doesn't matter whether you listen to classical, rock, folk or jazz. Bruce listens to it all and sings a Buddhist chant or two on the side. In the office a gentle flow of music makes it's way to ears of every patient.
Recently the Jazz Journalist Association named Dr. Milner one of 22 "Jazz Heroes" celebrating his sliding scale fee for jazz musicians. See the article
Being a musician has given Bruce the empathy to make an affordable path for creative people to have dental work performed. Bruce loves his work and the people he treats.
Bruce Milner, Your Woodstock Dentist
A couple things you may not know about your dentist...
If you happen to be from the "Aquarian Age" you may have heard Bruce in some part of your life's soundtrack.
In 1967 while attending Dental College Bruce recorded a record with Every Mothers Son .
If the name doesn't immediately ring a bell hit the YouTube clip and it might find it's way back into your memory. It was a # 1 radio hit in 1967.
Bruce has continued to play music throughout his life and is currently playing with a group of extremely unique and talented musicians called PRANA