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Transcendental dentist office is the most professional, courteous and caring dental office I have been too. From the time you walk in the door you feel welcomed and know you are in the best of hands
Serene atmosphere and caring, individualized service.  As a dentophobe, I first went when I had an abscess and needed a tooth pulled.  i was so anxious, i was gripping the arms of the chair, and Dr Bruce started to chant over me, a sweet mellow song that made me relax. It cured me of my phobia.  They have a calm, zen like decor in the office and screens in front of the dental seats where you watch placid images while listening to soothing music or whatever you choose.  Best possible experience for dental work.
Best possible experience
Chisti D. Woodstock, NY | Yelp review

I’m horrible about dental work – like a lot of people, i had some really negative experiences when I was a kid and it has made me not only afraid of going to the dentist but I’ve neglected my teeth as well. So, I need a lot of work done. I’m so grateful I found Transcendental – i actually enjoy going there. The space is beautiful, light-filled and serene – and, the entire staff is friendly, compassionate and capable. Just had a cleaning and a scary procedure but it all went really well – even found myself singing in my chair to the James Taylor music they were playing while the dentist was working away in my mouth. I’ve got a lot of work to get done but not scared about it now. Thanks Transcendental and Dr. Milner – so grateful for you.
I actually enjoy going there
Chris W. Woodstock, NY | Yelp review

I broke a tooth last night and they very kindly squeezed me in today. Dr Milner suggested that we patch the tooth and see how it holds up before going to the expense of a crown. I was in and out in under 45 minutes and he gave me a great deal since he is out of network for my insurance. Speedy, very gentle and seems like a really nice guy. Staff were all very pleasant and the waiting room is gorgeous. Thanks, Team!
Speedy, very gentle and seems like a really nice guy.
Darby W. Manhattan |Yelp review

Bruce pulled out all the stops for my treatments. I had gotten a little behind in the dental game. Using the wrong dentists and not being pro-active in dental care got me in a very critical spot. Bruce took the time and had the patience to get it all under control and I’ve been smiling even bigger ever since.
Oh yeah… a root canal in 15 minutes. Just had one.
Ed Doyle, Web Designer Saugerties, NY

My visit to Transcend Dental was a very relaxing event. I was pleased with the work Bruce did. He corrected an issue that I had and had not been addressed to my satisfaction by my previous dentists. He just did it. No muss, no fuss. Thanks Bruce!
Fiona Cottrell, Birth Doula Saugerties, NY

I have known Dr. Bruce for 5 years. While I had no issues with my own dentist of many years, once I met him, I knew he would be my new “guy”.Having white coat syndrome and far too much dental experience coupled with dental apprehension, he made me feel so comfortable I could not resist a change.
My first encounter was late on a Friday evening. I knew that if I called my current dentist, a painkiller would have been arranged until the office reopened on Monday. I happened to be speaking with Dr. Bruce, who was still in the office and he said come right over, which I did. He took care of my issue immediately. Yes, I was very nervous but his calming,soothing way”was inescapable.Since then he has additionally improved my smile so much I cannot tell you how good it feels. I used to be cautious when smiling – now I gladly smile at any opportunity.
I highly recommend you visit and meet him as he is one of a kind and has a tremendous amount of experience. I typically gravitate towards people who don’t get too worked up about things. Currently my only concern is if/when he retires which he states he has no plans for as he really loves his work!
Aaron Beaudette, Do The Right Thing Insurance Glenford.NY

I want to let you know that Bruce is an incredible dentist and wonderful human being. As a local performer being one of areas I play, many people know my name and who I am. I just started performing again last week after a risky surgery that I had in late July. I came home at the beginning of July and it’s been a long road back. I want to let people know that Bruce is to Dentistry what Donald Fagen is to music. No bullshit, he does it and does it well. I always let Bruce make the decisions for me since I trust him implicitly. He knows and he wastes no time. To watch him work in itself is a marvel as he jumps from room to room sometimes working on several patients at once. While one patient is getting numb he may be checking X Rays of another. He wastes no time since Bruce is a very compassionate man and says no to nobody.
I want to recommend him to everyone!
In addition his staff is great and Brigit, his gal Friday is amazing.
Go to Transcend Dental. It’s an experience that you will not forget and leave you with a beautiful smile.
Charles Lyonhart | Musician TRANSCEND TEARS